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High Quality Parts

Machine parts at the most affordable prices

High Quality Parts

Machine parts at the most affordable prices

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Essential Parts

For Revaro Brick, Block and Paver Making Machines
Revaro sells a whole host of various Brick, block and paver making machines (You can view these here). These machines need to be sold standard with a set of essential parts. To view these Parts click below: Click here

Revaro Group

Revaro is a group of companies since 2000
Revaro has an extensive group of companies dealing in multiple facets of the industrial, mining and agricultural sectors. To find out more about our companies and view the products we have on offer, click the link below for the main Revaro websiteL Click here

Become a Dealer

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Specialists In Quality Parts

A complete range of leading brand imported products is available through our wholly owned branch. Our facility is well equipped and operated by skilled professionals. We aim to increase our lead as South Africa’s Number One supplier of quality Chinese & Premium Brand Bearings at affordable prices.